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Let Us Move You

Life Through Movement

Biokinetics by definition entails the functional ability improvement of individuals by means of scientifically designed physical activity programs tailored to individual needs. We work together with your specific health care providers and sports coaches to ensure a better outcome for you, the individual, in health and through sickness.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Specialists

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Whether you’re a pensioner wanting to climb the stairs properly or an athlete who wants to return to sport, we can help.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise

Cardiac Event Rehabilitation Cardiac Rehabilitation

We team up with Cardiologists & Cardiothoracic Surgeons to help you on towards a speedy recovery

Dreaded Disease Risk Factor Management

Diabetes Dreaded Disease Risk Factor Management

Being active does not only lower the risk of developing these conditions, but if already diagnosed assists in controlling these conditions.

Employee Wellbeing & Physical Ability

Employee Wellbeing Employee Wellbeing Physical Ability

In today’s corporate environment no company needs high rates of absenteeism or employees who are present, but not productive.

BRG Biokinetics Sports Lab

Performance Testing BRG Sports Lab

We assist you in your quest to improve physical performance and reduce injury risk whilst performing your favourite sports based on international guidelines and standards.

Exercise During & Following Pregnancy

Excercise during Pregnancy Exercise During & Following Pregnancy

Pregnancy, recovery from childbirth, and breastfeeding occur over at least 12 months and during this unique period many women wish to exercise for health/fitness, recreation, or sport.

Special People Who Also Need Exercise

Special people Special People Who Also Need Exercise

Physical activity as we know is not limited to only the healthy, but even more important to those who suffer from chronic conditions.

Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Protocol

Recovering from Covid-19 Contact us today

Patients recovering from COVID-19 have limited respiratory and muscular functional capacity. These limitations are addressed by means of a gradual progressive exercise protocol.

  • Initial assessment – SpO2, Spirometry, Resting ECG
  • 8-12 weeks gradual exercise therapy intervention
  • Re-assessment – Resting and stress ECG recording, SpO2, Spirometry
  • Feedback on program completion and return to leisure time physical activity

Recuperating? Struggling to get back on your feet?

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Structured intervention by means of cardiovascular and muscular endurance conditioning, results in adaptations of the cardiovascular system and also the peripheral musculature, further assisting the cardiovascular system in effectivity

American College of Sports Medicine 2019

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